SmartWeb Vizyon is an online business created by young people specialized in Website creation, networking, photography, SEO, etc. Aware of the lack of visibility of SMEs, especially in Haiti, this group of young people decided to found this company in order to allow companies to increase their visibility at a reduced cost. website creation, logo creation, flyer design, networking, photography, software sale, software installation, installation of sales systems, basic computer training… These are some of the services offered by SmartWeb Vizyon. At SmartWeb Vizyon, we have a taste for a job well done, which is why all our customers are always satisfied with our products. Professionalism and reliability are what we advocate at SmartWeb Vizyon.


With over 4 billion users, INTERNET remains the largest network to this day. Individuals, SMEs, large companies, all seek an important place on this large network in order to increase their turnover. Many have seen their profits increased after creating a website. According to research, 97% of people go online to find a local business, and 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. There are more than 3.5 billion searches per day on Google. Right now, someone may be looking for a service you probably offer, and guess who will have that customer? Not you ! Although there are other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Over 63% of consumers use a company’s website to get in touch and find out exactly what the company offers as a service. 

Here are two main reasons for having a website for your company : 

– Visibility

By being exposed on the largest network in the world, your number of potential customers therefore automatically increases. Who says increase in the number of potential customers, says increase in the number of customers, because your company has now more visibility.

– After sales service quality

Having a website gives your customers 24-hour access to your products and information. This type of 24/7 service generates more benefits than that of a traditional storefront. You can now interact with your customers even outside office hours.

You would like to increase your visibility in order to have more potential customers. Contact us, we have the deal you need!



Professionalism is a vital quality for our company. It is due to the efforts made to impress and satisfy our customers. It is also our desire to give the best of us to each project carried out. We act and work in ways that our customers perceive in our work, our sense of responsibility, our respect and our reliability.


We capture the attention of our customers through the quality of our services, and that is very important to us. The services we provide are of very good quality, and of an international standard. We are characterized by our commitment and our motivation to do an outstanding, quality job.


While we provide quality service, we offer it at a competitive price that is unbeatable. Our customers are always satisfied with the prices of our products because we understand them. Do business with us, and you will certainly not regret it.



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